Funny and true

You all are probably not going to think this is as funny as I do.  Yesterday I had a migraine that was making me sick to my stomach.  That’s not the funny part.  Before I left work because I was sure I was going to be sick all over my desk one of my co-workers asked me to write her a letter of recommendation for a promotion.  I don’t want the position she is going for so I was more than willing to write the recommendation.  When I have a migraine like that I don’t write because when I read it 2 days later I look at it and think to myself what the hell was I thinking.  I wrote the recommendation last night with the migraine.  I sent it to the co-worker and no one else.  Apparently she thought it was brilliant.  It’s nice to know I can write some things in my sleep.  Now here is the question for everyone.  Why can’t I create in my sleep like that?  and Dreams don’t count.


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