Second half of 1st chapter

Ok guys I know that I said I wouldn’t post for a while but considering I only posted half of the first chapter I wanted to give you the second part.  There is some overlay but that was because I wanted to make sure I gave you all the new stuff.  So here it is. . .
I didn’t go back to the institute for about a week. I was still having nightmares and there still seemed to be no reason. In fact, they were getting worse and Karrick was really getting worried about me and them. He knew that nightmares were common in children but mine were still much more violent and terrifying then most normal nightmares. The worst part was I didn’t understand them.
When Karrick finally took me back to Brantwood I wasn’t sleeping for more then an hour or two at a time before I woke up screaming. There seemed to be no reason for me to be having such vicious nightmare. I knew that I was going to have to go see the doctor again and I wasn’t looking forward to it.
The session went about the same as before. I was talked for a bit and then the doctor asked me about the lady in black. He wanted to know if I had seen her again or if I had talked to her. Karrick had told me I wasn’t allowed to talk about her and now I was being asked. The best I could do was to tell him that I couldn’t talk about it. When he pushed I just stopped talking all together.
Like before the doctor asked to talk to Karrick and there she was, the woman in black. She was standing outside the door waiting. It was like she was looking for the doctor to come out so she could have a conversation with him.
“Stay here,” Karrick said. “I don’t want to have to go looking for you when the doctor and I are done talking. You can go down to the windows or right over there to the day room but that’s it. That nurse right there is going to keep and eye on you to make sure you don’t wander away.”
“Ok.” I said and Karrick walked into the doctors office.
Once the door was closed the lady in black said, “I’ve been waiting for you to come back.”
“Yes, you. You’re the only one that can see me and I wanted to talk to someone. I have not had any one to talk to in so long. You may be young but at least I can talk with you.”
“I don’t think I’m allowed to talk to you.”
“Why would someone not allow you to speak with me? I’m not scaring you and I was of the highest social order. I was considered a very respectable and respected lady.”
“You talk funny.”
Se smiled at me then. “It is refreshing to have such honesty. I do not speak oddly child I am much older then you. I have heard the changes in speech over the years but they have never felt right for me to use.”
“Do you tell stories? Joseph always tells me the best stories and I love that.”
“I can tell you such wonderful stories. They will be more then you have ever known.”
Well that’s the best I can remember of how my relationship started with the Ghost of Brantwood Hall. I’m sure some of the things I said may have been a little off but remember I really was young with this all happened so it’s just lucky I remember it.
I do remember her telling e the most wonderful stories, just like she promised. She told me stories of love and court. At the time I just though her stories were fluff and fun for a child. I had no idea how sad some of them really were or how real. I sometimes wish I could have told her how much she taught me. Again I’m getting ahead of myself.
For the next year two days a week I would have to so see the doctors because of the nightmares and they just kept getting worse. I also got to know the Lady in Black over the next year. You could also say I got the run of the Hall. I knew ever nurse, orderly, doctor and guard there. There were wings that I wasn’t really allowed to go in unless Karrick or Joseph were with me. I’ll also be quite honest if you asked me the layout of the Hall I’m not sure I could tell you all of it.
There is one section I remember. This is going to sound odd but I can tell you everything about the second floor wing for the criminally insane. I can tell you every crack and crevice, every chip in the paint; every smell and every feeling.


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