Here is something I have been working on. Anyone what do you think?

You know something, adventure is a funny word. I was once told that everyone, at some point in their life, thinks they want to go on an adventure. That is until they really find themselves on one. The truth of the matter is adventures are nasty, dirty, uncomfortable things that no one really wants to be in the middle of. I mean, really let’s think about this, one of the most classic adventure movies of all time is Star Wars. In the movie they slice open a Ton-Ton and crawl inside to survive. Do you really want to do something like that? I don’t think so. I can say that, with some authority, because my entire life is an adventure. One never ending adventure.
I guess now you want to know who I am. I’m, well I’m known by several names. I’ve been called the Ghost of Brantwood Hall, which is funny because I know her and I’m nothing like her. I’ve also been called the terror of Warwick Manor, that one’s mine. I’ve been called the Consort of the Disenchanted Prince, now that’s a name I hate. Most everyone just calls me Raven, Raven Sinclair, but I don’t know if that’s my real name or not. Somehow I doubt it is.
You see I was brought up for five years in Brantwood Hall and the next seven in Warwick Manor. Both Brantwood Hall and Warwick Manor are both mental institutions. Now before you decide I’m totally off the wall crazy, I’m not, but I’ll get to that explanation in a minute. I don’t want you to think of your normal clinical places when you think of Brantwood Hall and Warwick Manor. These places are different. These are for people with magic. Some of the patients are in the hospital because they can’t deal with the fact they have magic and so they go crazy. Some of them are crazy and just happen to have magic. And now you think I’m completely crazy myself but just hear me out, please.
Let’s start with as far as I know I’m an orphan. I was told I was born in Brantwood Hall and my mother died giving birth to me. Being an Orphan I thought the notion was tragically romantic. In my mind my mother had become a patient or sometimes a nurse and my father was either her doctor or an orderly on her floor. Either way their love was forbidden. Regardless they had a torrid, passionate love affair that was destined to end badly. My mother of course became pregnant but sadly she died giving me life. My father being so much in love with her and so heart sick at her death couldn’t care for me and maybe he even died himself. It’s a nice story right? It’s complete bullshit. I found out most of the truth later when I was older. That’s when I stopped trusting the people who should be honest with me.
An orderly in Brantwood Hall was the first person I can remember taking care of me. I’ve never learned of any lies he’s told me. His name was Karrik. I really don’t know how he started taking care of me but I remember he was always there for me when I needed him. He was also very careful to make sure I was safe in a world of total craziness. I know that sounds odd, how could he keep me safe in that place? Somehow he did. First he made sure I know every order by name and face and one of them was always with me. That way none of the patients could get close to me. Next he taught me were to go and stay away from. Believe it or not both Brantwood Hall and Warwick Manor have safe sections for patients that aren’t violent or anything. They also have sections or the criminally insane. I’ve been in these wings, not because I wanted to be, and they are . . . wrong. The feeling is just different than in any other part of the facility. The best I can liken it to is a home feels warm and lived in but after the family leaves and no one lives there for awhile it starts to feel cold and dead. They wings for the criminally insane are different. The entire facility feels cold and clinical but those sections feel evil.
I wouldn’t have been allowed in the wing for the criminally insane at all but Karrik had a friend that worked and works in those wings. Joseph is his name and he would move heaven and earth if he could keep me out of his wing. He used to say it was no place for a sweet little girl to spend her days. Come to think of it, Joseph always was a bit of an odd duck, I just didn’t understand that until I was older either. I’ll get to that later, trust me Joseph has always been a big part of my life and no he never touched me or anything gross like that.
I’ve gotten off track. I suppose you want to know the truth about my parents. From the best I can piece together I was left on the doorstep of Brantwood Hall, you know like people leave babies on the steps of a church or hospital. Why I was left on the steps of a mental institution, I can’t say. Maybe my parents didn’t know what type of hospital it was, maybe they did. Either way is a frightening thought.
Anyway somehow Karrik got custody of me, but he never told me how. He didn’t have anyone to take could take care of me during the day so he took me to work with him. Please don’t judge Karrik for doing what he had to. I know it may not be conventional or the best place for a kid but it always felt safe and ok to me.


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  1. Mysty

    THIS is fantastic!!!!!! I want more!!!!!

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