I did a search for a tattoo I am getting for the colors of the cancer ribbons.  No I don’t have nor have I ever fought cancer.  I want the colors to show the people in my family that have.  Someone told me that finding the ribbon for male breast cancer is hard to find.  I went looking for it because a male in my life does have breast cancer and he is battling for his family.  I wanted to add that color and it took me a good ten min to find the male breast cancer ribbon.  On top of that it wasn’t on the breast cancer web site.

That bothers me more than I can say.  I did find a very thought provoking article called  ‘Look at my scars dammit’ | Nouse.  It talks about how some women don’t like the pink ribbon and what it has become.  For what it’s worth and apprety not a lot I like the article.  Perhaps we all need to stand up and look at what this illness really does to people.  Then really push to finally find a cure and release it to the public.  Then someone else won’t have to die or lose someone they love.


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