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I did a search for a tattoo I am getting for the colors of the cancer ribbons.  No I don’t have nor have I ever fought cancer.  I want the colors to show the people in my family that have.  Someone told me that finding the ribbon for male breast cancer is hard to find.  I went looking for it because a male in my life does have breast cancer and he is battling for his family.  I wanted to add that color and it took me a good ten min to find the male breast cancer ribbon.  On top of that it wasn’t on the breast cancer web site.

That bothers me more than I can say.  I did find a very thought provoking article called  ‘Look at my scars dammit’ | Nouse.  It talks about how some women don’t like the pink ribbon and what it has become.  For what it’s worth and apprety not a lot I like the article.  Perhaps we all need to stand up and look at what this illness really does to people.  Then really push to finally find a cure and release it to the public.  Then someone else won’t have to die or lose someone they love.


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A recient reading

As a writer I’m also an avid reader and in reading some of the other blogs I feel the need to say this.  I just finished reading

A Taste of Magic by Tracy Madison

A Stroke of Magic by Tracy Madison


A Breath of Magic by Tracy Madison

and I have noticed that Gypsy magic is something that is so coming back big right now.  Yes obviously I read three books of a series but I have been finding this in a lot of books with this in it.  Is it something that the Romani magic is just being rediscovered.  We live in a world of magic I like that people are branching out from witches into something more.

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My first Idea

I wanted to let you know what my first idea is and the one I am working on now.  It is about a strong young woman who was ripped from her family by kidnappers at a very young age and raised in a mental institution.  As she goes through her life she is given different names that she goes by.  The story would follow these names.  It is about her life and the choices she makes.  Oh and did I mention that the mental institution she’s raised in houses those magically inclined for the criminally insane.

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Hello.  I am using Vera C Jerrald as a name for these posts.  I wanted to let you know what this is going to be about.  I have a creative mind that I want to share.  I would love it if you would share your thoughts on my posts and ideas.  I will share snippets and ideas of things I want to write.

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